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The Need for Innovation

KRTS Power to Respond® was developed as events over the past few years changed the way that organisations and society think about traumatic incidents and crises.

In the United States, the number of terror-related active shooter attacks has increased dramatically, with their two most deadly terror attacks since 9/11 occurring within the last two years. The threat of terror is now ranked as one of their top concerns by organisations.

In the US, a mass shooting occurs almost every day. According to 2014 Federal Bureau of Investigation data, 7 out of 10 active shooter incidents occur at schools or businesses.

Natural disasters resulting from extreme weather – wildfires, mudslide, Tsunamis, tornados and hurricanes – too numerous to mention, are an ever-increasing phenomenon.

Between 22nd March and 19th June 2017, the United Kingdom was rocked by 4 separate terror attacks. The official UK threat level, temporarily raised to Critical following the Manchester Arena attack, remains Severe – meaning “an attack is highly likely.”

These latter events, along with the Grenfell Tower fire in June 2017, created a powerful urge for a change in how organisations and society respond, within two highly experienced trauma professionals. Together, Liz Royle (PhD) and Catherine Kerr (CPsychol) already had over 40 years of clinical experience working with disaster and psychological trauma, but the growing problem meant something had to change.

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They were increasingly hearing first hand on a massive, global scale, how those affected where left without appropriate mental health support and how organisations struggled with sickness absence and operational disruption, reduced morale and workplace relations and damage to company reputation. Following traumatic events, people question “how do we deal with this?” “How do we help those affected?” Trauma leaves us feeling helpless and out of control.


As acts of terror become more frequent, companies and communities know they must become better prepared to manage the direct and indirect impact. Organisations are beginning to reflect these threats in crisis management and business continuity plans, but managing the impact requires skills in both managing a crisis event and managing the psychological impact on people. The growing need to develop standards for post-incident support has led to the development of ISO 22330: Guidelines for People Aspects of Business Continuity. This means that whilst organisations will now have consistent guidelines on best practice, they also need an accessible solution to meet the standard.


The possibility of a workforce that is largely unable to recover is a risk that can, and must, be addressed.

The solution


KRTS Power to Respond® is a ground-breaking digital health App that meets the standards set out in ISO 22330 and those of the World Health Organisation, International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, European Network for Traumatic Stress and the British Psychological Society amongst others for post-trauma care. It can be integrated into mass digital notification systems and/or be released independently.


KRTS Power to Respond® has multilingual facility for international delivery. The software is purchased on an annual license basis and deployed by the organisation within that year whenever necessary. There will be a sliding scale of fees depending on the number of employees to ensure this technology is in reach of all. KRTS Power to Respond® is suitable for large and small organisations, from micro SMEs to multinational corporations. They can be confident that this can be easily put in place immediately alongside their other incident management processes.

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Quick and easy deployment

Compatibility across all devices Web, IOS and Android

Easily deployed for 24/7 access

Conforming with International standards

For large scale incidents or personal crises

Multilingual capacity

Additional Benefits
  • It will help individuals to understand their reactions and provide tools to help their recovery


  • It will help supporters, including managers, to provide the right kind of support


  • It will help organisations to offer immediate support to effectively manage the impact of a traumatic event or crisis


  • Peer or manager support: This is the basic humane response towards those affected by a psychological critical incident by non-specifically trained personnel. It comprises meeting basic practical needs, showing sensitivity to concerns, good inter-personal communication and signposting to further support. The software will provide practical guidance including helpful actions and the avoidance of unhelpful ones.


  • The provision of appropriate psycho-education to employees affected: Psycho-education is the provision of advice and guidance relating to psychological well-being. It includes an overview of common reactions to distressing events in order to normalise these and reduce anxiety, simple self-help strategies to facilitate recovery in the first few days and where and when to seek further support.


As such, KRTS Power to Respond® supports the immediate needs of employees after a psychologically distressing event and also provides guidance to managers on handling the human impact in their teams.

Guidance compliance


The app meets the standards set out in ISO 22330 and those of the World Health Organisation, International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, European Network for Traumatic Stress and the British Psychological Society amongst others for post-trauma care.

Find out more about how this groundbreaking app
might fit with your organisation

Emergency notification systems

Emergency notification systems

Integrate within your emergency notification system to provide an immediate, targeted response to an event
Health and wellbeing services

Health and wellbeing services

Provide effective accessible psycho-education on common reactions to trauma and crises and facilitate psychosocial support
Public sector

Public sector

Reach a wide number of your employees across many locations with advice and guidance
Voluntary sector

Voluntary sector

Respond to community disasters, man-made and natural, to meet early psychological needs
Overseas and off-shore industries

Overseas and off-shore industries

Reach employees in remote locations in a non-stigmatising, effective way
Crisis Management Services

Crisis Management Services

Respond quickly to the early needs of employees and managers to facilitate organisational recovery

Tailored Solution for your organisation’s needs

The advantages of investing in KRTS Power to Respond® are:

When you invest in this unique innovative product, you will be associated with industry experts Dr Liz Royle and Chartered Psychologist Catherine Kerr. They are both international authors and presenters on psychological trauma and crises, and will maintain the App’s content, ensuring it keeps pace with professional practice and is sensitively adapted for the user.

This level of “know how” is rare, and further safeguards the trademark and legally protected copyright.

The functionality of the app has been developed with an award winning international company EKO4 providing state of art technology.

The creators of KRTS Power to Respond® will directly engage with you to support your marketing requirements

You will join us as pioneers in the practical implementation of ISO 22330: Guidelines for People Aspects of Business Continuity

By providing KRTS Power to Respond® as part of your portfolio you will have the opportunity to empower your clients and their employees after distressing/traumatic events. You will also be providing a service that has the potential to positively impact your customers in many ways, including financial savings, reducing employee turnover, increasing employee morale, health and wellbeing, maintaining a reputation as a socially responsible organisation, protection against litigation, and last but by no means least reducing human distress

This is an impressive way to publicly show that you are a passionate, life changing, organisation that seizes opportunities for innovation.

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