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KRTS Power to Respond® – An award winning ground-breaking digital health App for immediate use after a crisis or trauma 

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A growing global demand

Many organisations can expect to encounter crises and traumatic events ranging from those that impact on one employee to ones that resonate across the whole organisation and even into the surrounding community. Some industries are more at risk than others, but no organisation is immune.

Rising threats of terrorism and natural disasters further increase the likelihood of employees experiencing a crisis. In the US, a mass shooting occurs almost daily and nearly 2 million people are the victim of violence in work each year.

Although levels of violence and work-related mental illness are high in US workplaces, this is a global issue.

In the UK, annual figures show that there are around 698,000 incidents of violence at work with 12.5 million days lost due to work related stress, depression and anxiety. Across Europe, 79% of managers are concerned about mental health issues in work yet only 30% have procedures in place to deal with them.

An innovative and disruptive technology

In 2018, new ISO Guidelines for managing the people aspects of business continuity advised organisations on best practice for supporting employees. This emphasised the immediate provision of crisis mental health education and workplace support.

Trauma specialists with over 40 years of experience in the field, Dr Liz Royle and Counselling Psychologist Catherine Kerr, knew that for most organisations, existing practices were usually too slow, ineffective and expensive for them to meet these recommendations.

The Manchester Arena attack in 2017 also revealed an inability for existing services to quickly offer the early support so crucial to recovery in a large-scale incident.

Something had to change!

With the collaboration of technological entrepreneur Vess Christoph, they developed an innovative and disruptive technology.

KRTS Power to Respond is a digital health app that is cost-effective and can be deployed immediately. It has two clinically effective functions as recommended by ISO 22330 and mental health experts world-wide.

  • Supporting individuals by providing advice and guidance on crisis symptoms and
  • improving support from those around them for example - teaching how to help and what not to do

Socially responsible

Sickness absence due to mental illness costs businesses on average over $2,000 per person per year but inadequate management of the crisis brings many other negative consequences.

As well as the human distress, the costs to society associated with poor mental health include family breakdown, violence, chronic health problems and drug and alcohol abuse.

The sooner we intervene with appropriate mental health care, the faster people recover. There is a legal and moral duty of care to support employees after crisis events at work and most companies wish to be seen as socially responsible. They also wish to avoid the loss of skilled employees, reputational damage, legal action and the reduced productivity and low morale that are associated with getting it wrong.

Highly commercial

We market directly to organisations and via 3rd parties such as healthcare providers and emergency notification services. Organisations buy the software on an annual license basis and deploy through a distribution system as and when needed. The annual licencing fee is dependent on numbers but is extremely cost effective and has an excellent ROI. It’s usually free to the end user.

It’s accessible for any size of organisation and conforms to international standards on crisis mental healthcare.

The board is a strong combination of clinical, business and technical skills. From developing the concept in 2017, we now have a working product that is being used within the UK National Health Service, major NGOs and global travel companies. Interest and sales are gathering momentum as organisations see that the App is innovative, highly commercial and comes at an ideal time for the market.

Our aspirations are to continue to build a solid customer base with an independent web server to extend our reach and flexibility. We have already received interest in adapting the App for different languages and cultures. The human physiological and psychological response to crisis and trauma is common to all people. We have a product that makes a real difference.

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